Farm rare diamond Goku Cards

Put your $GOKU to work and collect Goku Cards that you can truly own.


Goku farming for NFTs

Goku Card is a collection of animated digital characters with varying scarcities. Each Goku Card is backed by a truly unique NFT and can be unpacked with Ball Points.

Classification of Goku cards

There are 4 levels of Goku cards which are sorted with their scarcity. Including: Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond Cards.


You can stake your Goku tokens and receive reward points. Points are earned every day, based on the number of Goku tokens you stake.

NTFs Market

Once you earn enough points, you can redeem them for a collectable NFT Goku Card. It entirely depends on you to collect them for yourself or sell them to others on the NFTs Market.

Genesis collections

Genesis Collection

Collectibles of Goku cards with the uniqueness of each character.

Genesis Collection


A list of commonly asked questions and answers on a website about project information.

Can I buy and sell Goku Cards on Treasureland?
How to get FLIP tokens?

Great Experiences Ahead


NFTs Market

NFT Marketplace will be launched in order to buy, sell and trade NFTs. The market will ensure sustainability of the collectible ecosystem.


Mystery cards

A series of mystery cards will be released. Each gathered card equals a rate which is eligible for revealing new Goku Cards. More new Goku Cards will be added to NFTs.


New Goku Cards Level

With more emerging Goku Cards, Mix Cards will be launched in the near future. Users can mix their cards to have an opportunity of creating new goku cards level with a higher scarcity.


Goku Battle

A game space will be designed for users to use their cards in battles in order to receive engaging awards.

About us

Our team

Goku Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Power: strategic & management

- 10 years of experience in Technology and Business

- CEO at Luzo Technologies Vietnam and VidGo

- Technical Specialist at Microsoft Vietnam Philanthropies

Gohan Vu

Chief Operating Officer

Power: operation & cost optimization

- 10 years of experience in e-commerce industry

- Founder & CEO at Ligovi Ecom, CMO at Phat Media

- App Mobile Development Specialist

Videl Nguyen

Chief Marketing Officer

Power: creative & growth hacking

- Master of International Marketing Management in the UK with 6 years of experience in Marketing and Business Development

- Growth Hacking Expert at VidGo & Marketing Lead of Tech startup

- Marketing Consultant at Vingroup and Viettel Telecom

Yamcha Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer

Power: software design & full-stack development

- Founder at sPhoton Technology and Deverion

- Awarded 1st prize of MSP Vietnam’s hackathon 2016 & 2nd prize of Vietnam National Imagine Cup 2015

- PhD candiate in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, France

Vegeta Nguyen

Chief Product Officer

Power: product RnD & critical thinking

- 6 years of experience in core banking consulting, data warehouse and switching system implementation

- 5 years of experience in digital marketing, blockchain ecosystem research and advertising on mutil-channel

- Founder & Chief Business Officer (CBO) at OMIS Media

Krillin Tao

Art & Game Director

Power: art design & game programming

- 15 years of communication art and game design

- Developed "Animation coloring app for kids" at Bluebird Award 2016

- Awarded "Best game idea" of Gamejam Award 2012 FPT Arena Hanoi


Nam Nguyen

COO Gourmet Galaxy, CEO Tag Ventures

Nam Nguyen is CEO of and Founder of TAG Ventures, one of South East Asia's leading venture capital firms. He is also Chief Operating Officer of Gourmet Galaxy (GUM), a Yield Farming platform. Mr. Nam advises us on operating system, entry new markets strategy to expand market share and sustainable development builded by stable company structure.

Johnny Tri Dung

Chief Business Officer at Kardiachain

Johnny is Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder of Big Cat Entertainment. He has 8 years of experience working as Administrator cadre for large corporations such as CleverAds, Galaxy Pay, Facebook, Youtube, Johnny currently plays the role of advisor for Kardiachain - a famous startup providing comprehensive solution for blockchain infrastructure. He consults us on business development strategy and roadmap.